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mphallard's Journal

Hey this is Missy, I am a pretty complicated person that you an only under stand when you've known me for a while. I am not a big internet/computer person so I may not be on for weeks at a time, let us hope not at least.

To say the least, I'm the person in the corner that no one knows until i'm the annoying person everyone hates. You could call me a geek or nerd if you want, but realy I just do the work well so I won't have to do extra work. Many personality quizzes say I am a leader, so I guess it is so. Sorry for any spelling errors, I have a major war going on with spelling, started in second grade and continues on today. Don't have a particular problem with learning how to spell thing right, I just tend to write/type as it sounds when I don't know how to spell the word.

Hope we become good freinds.

Love you till I hate you - Missy